Rice's student-run web development organization

We build apps for the Rice University community.

By Rice, for Rice

Rice Apps is a team-driven organization that focuses on collaboration to develop software to help Rice students, faculty, employees and more.


More experienced developers are grouped with less-experienced newbies in teams of five to eight. Each team has a weekly scrum and weekly 3-hour sprint session where they try to achieve their set goals for that sprint.


Rice Apps stays with it - we learn, use, and teach the latest web frameworks, languages, and software.


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Rice Bikes

From an early Python-based implementation to the current Angular 4 and Express.js version, Rice Apps has been helping the student-run bike shop on campus keep track of the thousands of bikes they've serviced over the past 3 years.



Rice students previously used a large Google Sheet to coordinate ridesharing to save money and reduce emissions. Now, they can use Carpool to post new rides or join existing student's rides, and easily email, text, or call them to coordinate. It's a Rice-only service built on Angular 4, Express.js, and MongoDB.

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Beakspeak is a Rice-exclusive, completely anonymous and entirely secure social network, where anyone with a Rice net ID can post anonymously, comment, vote, and react on other's posts. It's built on Angular 4, Express.js, and MongoDB.



The Wellbeing app is an iOS application meant to assist Rice students with wellbeing-related issues. It includes a "blue light" button for use on campus to immediately alert RUPD if a student is in danger.

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For almost five years, this Google App Engine project has allowed hundreds of student elections to take place securely, quickly, and easily. A new Angular 4 front-end for Elections is one of our current projects!


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Coffeehouse Shift Scheduler

Coffeehouse's personnel manager previously struggled with scheduling a large number of student employees with their highly variable availability - this project solves that problem with an automated availability-based shift scheduler built with React, Express.js, and MongoDB.


The Website team leverages HTML, CSS, and JS to build the Rice Apps website.