What kind of skills and background are you looking for?

There are no strict requirements or prerequisites, but applicants should be passionate and motivated about the mission of Rice Apps, be technically proficient and creative, and have strong communication skills. Experience working on projects outside of academic coursework is highly preferred but not required.

What’s in it for me?

You’ll have a chance to work on projects that could potentially affect everyone at Rice in a positive manner. You’ll also learn how to rapidly prototype, develop, and iterate on ideas.

What are the logistics?

The success of the program depends on active collaboration with low communication overhead. We will meet once a week for roughly a 3 hour time period to work on the projects. Some tasks may need to be completed outside of contact hours. Caffeine and snacks will be provided during hacking time!

What are some examples of projects that Rice Apps might take on?

Some examples are: an android version of the Rice iPhone App, a degree planner app, and a Rice night escort service app. Check out our projects page.

What happens to the code that Rice Apps produces?

All of the code that Rice Apps creates will be open sourced on Github.

What languages does Rice Apps code in?

Generally, we recommend teams use a Flask/AngularJS/SQLite3 stack. That's Python, JavaScript, and SQL. However, teams are free to use whatever technology they are comfortable with. We have teams coding with other technologies such as Parse or Google App Engine. Of course, mobile developers will be using languages like Objective-C or Java.

What if I don't have much experience?

Part of Rice Apps' mission is to empower developers. Our goal is to teach you new things, so new members will fit right in. In fact, most developers have started from scratch.