Rice Apps Application

Thank you for showing interest in Rice Apps! You may apply to be a team lead, a developer, or a designer by filling out the application below. Each position has its own unique responsibilities.


Developers are the primary workforce for all the projects. Tasks will be assigned to each developer at a weekly meeting, which should be completed by the next meeting. Developers can work on a variety of areas, such as frontend, mobile development, backend, etc. Whatever you're interested in!

If you are interested in a dev position, please complete the Python Flask tutorial here. Once you're done, email the Heroku link to csclub@rice.edu and we will talk about which team you'd like to join. Anyone who completes the tutorial will be accepted. All majors, years, and experience levels welcome!

Official Responsibilities:

  • Contributing ideas to the growth of your app
  • Completing tasks delegated to you by the team lead

Designers work together as a team to help out with UI/UX for all projects. All the designers work together to create the frontend for the project. The graphics design to HTML/CSS/JavaScript coding ratio is about 35:65. But as always, you're free to focus on whatever you like!

If you are interested in a designer position, please complete the HTML/CSS tutorials here and email screenshots of the first three projects to csclub.rice.edu. Again, all majors, years, and experience levels welcome.

Official Responsibilities:

  • Create relevant visual graphics
  • Design a working UX layout for projects
  • Collaborating with the other designers
  • Publicizing newly released apps

We are accepting all applications this year. If you complete the tutorial listed for developer or designer and let us know, we will talk to you about what sort of work you'd like to do for Rice Apps. Click the positions on the left to learn more about them!

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Team Lead (If you are interested, please email xal1@rice.edu)

Rice Elections (elections.riceapps.org)
Atlas (atlas.riceapps.org)
Schedule Planner
Wellbeing App
Roommate Finder
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